Leading in schools and business

Actually, this entry is mainly just a link to an article on the Guardian website where I get a mention as a leadership coach.  Read all about it here.

Matt’s right, in that leaders in all sectors are isolated: it comes with the territory.  And one way of dealing with that is to have someone with some skills ‘offline’ to reflect with.  One reason coaching works is because of the professional boundary: when I’m meeting with a client, my only agenda is his or her development: it’s not what s/he thinks of me, or if s/he’s happy.

Affiliation model launched

If you’re a commercial organisation, you can now have access to a whole range of great coaches through perception.

Perception has always been and will probably continue to be just me.  But effective coaching depends on the person being coached establishing a good fit with the coach, and while I believe that I can do a good job with lots of people, I know someone else might be better in some cases.  So offering a choice seemed like a good idea.  But employing people didn’t – too much admin, too many anxieties about other people’s income, too high a cost for the client due to overheads…

However, I know lots of great, highly-qualified, experienced coaches.  And we now have an affiliation model that will work, with 10 coaches including me in the process of signing up to it, and the first client delighted with the choice and quality we’re offering.  So if you’re a commercial organisation looking for coaches in the West of England to work with your top people, get in touch.