Anyone there?

The first blog post… Perhaps this is a bit like going to a party that I’m a bit nervous about?  I put it off as long as I can and then turn up as people are leaving, and see all sorts of interesting faces going in the opposite direction.  Nothing I do can make it seem that they are the ones who got the time wrong…

So I enter the blogosphere – quite possibly just as everyone else is leaving.  Hello!  Anyone there?

This is weird.  In theory there are several billion people out here, but my voice echoes as if in one of those otherworldly (yet clearly cardboard) Doctor Who sets from the sixties and I worry that the only person who’s going to jump out is an alien, whose response I won’t be able to understand anyway (unless it shoots me).

A few facts: I’m Jerry Gilpin, and I run a coaching and development business called ‘perception’, in the wonderful city of Bristol UK.  Before this I worked as a chaplain in an Oxford University College (St Hugh’s), and before that I was a fulltime Christian minister in the Church of England.  More bits of history will no doubt come out as we go along.

What’s the blog for?  Well my friendly web-designer Christophe said it would be good for my SEO ratings; but more than that, I’ve had a sneaking feeling for ages that it might be a good way to discipline myself to reflect on the work I’m doing, and that some other people out there on the scary alien uninhabited planet might be interested – maybe people I’ve worked with… maybe my friends… maybe you, unknown person!  So I’m giving it a go, along with Twitter (when I get round t’wit – sorry – and a tutorial from my son).

So how was it for you?  Was this a good blog post?  How will I find out?  Will I measure my success on the numbers of responses I get, or simply on the number of posts I make?  Because I know that I tend to judge my success on the basis of what others say and do, even though I can’t control that.  We all do it.  Maybe I should stick to what I can control personally – a minimum of one post every two weeks should be achievable, and I might do more.  And if it echoes around an empty corner of cyberspace… well, it won’t be annoying the aliens.