Ten Top Tips About Time

Ten things we all know about time, but often don’t act on!  And I include myself…
  1. Time is a limited resource, like money.  You need to budget.
  2. The way you spend your time now indicates the priorities you actually have now.
  3. If you don’t know what your priorities are, you can’t budget your time.
  4. A diary is really easy to plan 18 months in advance.
  5. A diary is impossible to plan a day in advance.
  6. Once something important is in the diary, it can be defended.  If it never gets there, it can’t.
  7. You have a choice about whether to spend time on what energises and fulfils you, or on other stuff.
  8. You haven’t put an event in your diary if you haven’t put the preparation (and travel) in as well.
  9. A completely full diary is a failure to plan for immediate needs.
  10. Your failure to plan should not be someone else’s crisis.


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